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Programs and Courses

DNA testing in practice โ€“ 10 module course for practitioners

Developed by Dr Denise Furness in conjunction with BioCeuticals DNA testing in practice is a comprehensive education program designed for healthcare practitioners to expand their knowledge of genetics in nutritional medicine. The program consists of 10 modules. The modules focus on the relationship between specific genetic variants (SNPs) and their associated health conditions as well as discussing the appropriate therapeutic interventions based on patientsโ€™ DNA testing results. This course will help you maximize the potential of genetic testing to personalize patient outcomes.

Hyper/Hypothyroid Mastery Program
I created the Hyper/Hypothyroid Mastery Program to help you heal your body naturally so you can live a truly healthy life without medications or surgery. The program is backed by science and is based on my own healing journey from Graves disease as well as my experience with hundreds of women suffering from thyroid imbalance, autoimmune and chronic conditions. This is a personalized program that offers 1 -1 coaching with me and my team of experts.
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