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Your Genes & Nutrition Patient Appointments

Denise run’s a virtual clinic “Your Genes & Nutrition” and can interpret genetic profiles / nutrigenomic reports for all aspects of health. She is an expert in nutritional genomics and nutritional biochemistry including methylation, oxidative stress and immune health. Her main interests and expertise include:

  • Fertility and pregnancy health  
  • Women’s health covering: 
    • Hormone balance
    • Auto-immune conditions
    • Weight concerns
    • Skin conditions 
    • Early cognitive decline 
    • Healthy aging 
Initial consultation

Allow 90 minutes for your initial consultation, during which time Denise will ask questions and gather information in order to understand your health concerns and ascertain underlying triggers. Questionnaires and any results you wish to be interpreted must be emailed before your scheduled appointment. Appointments are online, an email with the link will be sent once you have booked. If preferred appointments can be via phone.

The initial consultation will cover:

  • Your health concerns
  • Prior relevant results
  • Your health goals 
  • Nutrition and lifestyle medicine
Initial consult 90 mins
Follow up consultations

Follow-up consultations are 30 or 60 minutes. Generally 30 minutes is adequate, except when genetic or detailed functional testing needs to be assessed. 

30 or 60 min consult

Scientific Advice and Product Development

Denise has experience creating and leading the development of genetic testing profiles (SNP arrays) and nutritional genomic health reports for both practitioners and the general public. She can advise and help develop research projects as well as contribute to product formulations for nutritional supplements. If you require scientific advice or product development support please contact Denise.

Over the years Denise has been an independent advisor, educator or committee member for various companies such as ACNEM, BioCeuticals, BioConcepts, A5M, AIMA, ASMR and AusBiotech just to name a few –  all of these organisations are committed to the highest quality of patient care, practitioner support and life science promotion. She is currently an advisor for Pure Encapsulations.

Published articles and academic research

I was referred to Denise in 2015 by my integrative GP from Perth for hormone and methylation related issues that he was unable to resolve. Denise recommended Dutch test for hormones, genes testing and comprehensive stool analysis in the initial investigation. After reviewing my genetics and test results, she came up with an action plan that normalized my hormones very quickly. I continue to Skype consult Denise once to twice a year to keep on track with everything. Since then I have referred my daughter, my mum and other family members to her for various health problems and they have all been very happy. Denise is renowned in her field of Nutrigenomics. She actively presents in seminars all over the world. I was fortunate enough to attend one of them when she came to Perth. That has empowered me with so much knowledge for my quest towards optimal health. Denise comes highly recommended. With her constantly updating and evolving with science, with her infectious, happy, bubbly personality, there will be no doubt that you will be impressed.
Grace Tai
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